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Making Mature Disciples

Our mission is to preserve and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to make mature disciples of all nations. As such, we seek to equip every member to be personally involved in disciple-making in our community and around the world.

Part of our responsibility as Christians is to consider how God is calling us to participate in his work of calling people from every tongue, tribe, and nation. While many of us will be called to stay and send to the nations, some will be called to go to the nations.

Faithful Goers and Senders

We have a long-term vision with respect to sending men, women, or families to the nations from New Life, and our process reflects that vision. We send men and women who are spiritually mature, healthy members of New Life who have been well-trained by our local church and other partner organizations. Every missionary sent by New Life can count on us for spiritual, emotional, and financial support before, during, and after their time on the field.  

Furthermore, our vision is to send healthy teams of people (rather than individuals or lone families) to unreached and unengaged people groups around the world (rather than people who already have access to the Gospel).

If you believe God may be calling you to go to the nations, please review our sending process below:

Explore Your Potential Calling

First, begin prayerfully reading God’s Word and learning about his heart for the nations. To help you with this process, we’ve made a list of Recommended Resources for you. There you'll find helpful sermons, videos, articles, and books.

Second, sign-up for Perspectives on the World Christian Movement, which is offered every spring in conjunction with our local ministry partners. Perspectives is a semester-long course that involves attending weekly classes and completing a series of reading and writing assignments.

If you are unsure whether if you can commit the time and money required for Perspectives, we recommend you start by taking Awaken, which is offered every fall in conjunction with our local ministry partners. Awaken requires less time and a smaller financial investment than Perspectives, and would be a great start for anyone – including those who want to grow as faithful senders.

Test Your Potential Calling

First, you should begin a dialogue with leaders at New Life about your potential calling to the mission field. We want to help you process your calling in the context of the local church, since it will ultimately be a local church (whether New Life or another local church) who sends you to the field. You can start the conversation by contacting us at .

After you have explored and tested your potential calling, you may believe that God is calling you to begin the sending process through New Life. If so, praise God! In the next section, you’ll learn about our requirements for sending missionaries.

New Life’s Sending Requirements

Our church requires every potential missionary to meet the following criteria:

1. Membership at New Life: the potential missionary has been a faithful member long enough to demonstrate love for and commitment to the local church, a humble and teachable spirit, and Christian maturity.

2. Two or More Years of Work Experience: the potential missionary has been meaningfully employed for several years, revealing the ability to work hard, submit to authority, and add value to a company or organization as a member of a team.

3. Formal Assessment: If the potential missionary has been assessed by members of the Missions Advisory Team and elders at New Life, revealing:

- Spiritual Health
- Family Health
- Financial Health
- Clear Vision & Passion for Mission Work

Once a potential missionary is recommended for missionary service after assessment, he or she may begin work on the final two steps of the sending process (listed below).

4. Development of a Barnabas Team: the potential missionary has developed a support team comprised of at least four family units (three of whom must be members of New Life). One family unit must agree to serve as the Team Leader for at least two years.

5. Completion of Formal Mission Training Program: the potential missionary has plans to pursue formal training through a sending agency, which must be approved by the elders of New Life. 


We hope that you have been helped by reading about our sending process. If we can help to answer any questions you may have then please let us know!