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Missions at New Life

At New Life, our mission is to preserve and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to make mature disciples of all nations for the glory of God.

A big part of that mission is identifying, training, sending, and supporting missionaries to unreached and unengaged areas of the world with the goal of planting healthy, indigenous churches.

Rather than selfishly holding on to all the best leaders, we want to imitate the church at Antioch in Acts 13. Those faithful men and women were obedient to the Holy Spirit and sent out Paul and Barnabas for the work to which God had called them. They – along with other local churches that would be established later – maintained an ongoing relationship with their missionaries, which included praying for them and providing for their needs.

Holistic Support

Our strategy is to send healthy teams to a few strategic areas around the world, and then to support their work through prayer, ongoing communication, holistic support, and regular visits for pastoral care and to further the cause of the Gospel in the region. We hope to add more team members to our existing teams and regions over time.

We believe the Bible is clear that every Christian is called to be a faithful sender to the nations, and that some of us are called to go to the nations as missionaries. Every member would benefit from reading, watching, or listening to our Recommended Resources. We would also encourage every member to consider taking Awaken or Perspectives

If you are a member of New Life who is open to exploring a calling to the mission field, please review our Missions Sending Process.


Reach out to us if you have any questions!